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Tim: Considering that congruence is _defined_ as x=y(mod m) :<=> m|y-x, it's really not so surprising. :-)

Steven: It seems that we completely agree about inclusion of is_probabilistic_prime in stdlib. And we agree that it should be called isprime (or is_prime if Raymond names it;). About the bikeshedding, see Tim's comment. :-P

About absolutely correct algorithms: first, what exactly is your claim? If it's "I can write an algorithm in pure Python that can for every number of 397 digits mathematically exactly determine whether it is prime in under 6 seconds", I'd very much like to see that algorithm. (I guess it must be publicly available, since we're speaking about inclusion in Python stdlib.) I really don't have much expertise in number theory that I can be convinced it doesn't exist, but I very much doubt it.
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