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Date 2020-02-01.01:39:48
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I think the idea of adding a globmatch function is a decent idea.

That is what I did in a library I wrote to get more out of glob than what Python offered out of the box: 

Specifically the differences are globmatch is just a pure match of a path, it doesn't do the implied `**` at the beginning of a pattern like match does. While it doesn't enable `**` by default, such features are controlled by flags

>>> pathlib.Path("a/b/c/d/e.txt").match('a/*/**/*', flags=pathlib.GLOBSTAR)

This isn't to promote my library, but more to say, as a user, I found such functionality worth adding. I think it would be generally nice to have such functionality in some form in Python by default. Maybe something called `globmatch` that offers that could be worthwhile.
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