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Date 2020-01-28.19:00:46
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some problems that needs lcm function:

1:find the least number which when divided by 'a','b','c','d' leaves remainder 'e' in each case.

2:person A exercises every 'n' days and person B every 'm' days. A and B both exercised today. How many days will it be until they exercise together again?

3:The LCM is important when adding fractions which have different denominators

we have to use the lcm function when,

1) an event that is or will be repeating over and over.
2) To purchase or get multiple items in order to have enough.
3) To figure out when something will happen again at the same time.

All these shows lcm function should be included in the math library.

So can i proceed with adding pull request to add lcm function in python's math module.
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