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Date 2020-01-27.09:24:50
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s390x Fedora Rawhide 3.x:

FAIL: test_add_file_after_2107 (test.test_zipfile.StoredTestsWithSourceFile)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/dje/cpython-buildarea/3.x.edelsohn-fedora-rawhide-z/build/Lib/test/", line 620, in test_add_file_after_2107
    self.assertRaises(struct.error, zipfp.write, TESTFN)
AssertionError: error not raised by write

Test added in bpo-34097 by:

commit a2fe1e52eb94c41d9ebce1ab284180d7b1faa2a4
Author: Marcel Plch <>
Date:   Thu Aug 2 15:04:52 2018 +0200

    bpo-34097: Add support for zipping files older than 1980-01-01 (GH-8270)
    ZipFile can zip files older than 1980-01-01 and newer than 2107-12-31 using
    a new strict_timestamps parameter at the cost of setting the timestamp
    to the limit.

see also the following fix:

commit 7b41dbad78c6b03ca2f98800a92a1977d3946643
Author: Marcel Plch <>
Date:   Fri Aug 3 17:59:19 2018 +0200

    bpo-34325: Skip zipfile test for large timestamps when filesystem don't support them. (GH-8656)
    When the filesystem doesn't support files with large timestamps,
    skip testing that such files can be zipped.
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