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This PR will apply the following changes on the [`__main__` module documentation](

- correct the phrase "run as script" by "run from the file system" (as used in the [`runpy`]( documentation) since "run as script" does not mean the intended `python` but `python -m foo` (cf. [PEP 338](;
- replace the phrase "run with `-m`" by "run from the module namespace" (as used in the [`runpy`]( documentation) since the module can be equivalently run with `runpy.run_module('foo')` instead of `python -m foo`;
- make the block comment [PEP 8]( (located before the `if` block, capital initialised, period ended);
- add a missing case for which a package's \_\_main\_\ is executed (when the package is run from the file system: `python foo/`).
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