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I don't think that any change is needed here. Adding "their default" to insertion order doesn't really help: if the reader knows dicts are now ordered, adding "default" is redundant; if the reader doesn't know, they'll still be confused. "What default insertion order? Dicts don't know their insertion order!" (Well actually they do.)

In a handful of more releases, most Python programmers won't even know, or will have forgotten, that there was ever a time that dicts didn't preserve insertion order, just as most of them don't know that there was ever a time that sorting wasn't stable or that dicts lacked an `update` method :-)

No offense to Steven here, but the problem wasn't with the docs (they are correct and accurate) but with his outdated knowledge of dicts. It's a perfectly understandable mistake to make, but it was a mistake.

I'm closing the task, but if anyone feels strongly enough to re-open it, I won't object.
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