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With Berker Peksag's patch merged in 2016, in the default non auto-commit mode, sqlite3 implicitly issues a BEGIN statement before any non SELECT statement not already in a transaction, EXCEPT DDL statements, for backwards compatibility reasons:

+    /* For backwards compatibility reasons, do not start a transaction if a
+       DDL statement is encountered.  If anybody wants transactional DDL,
+       they can issue a BEGIN statement manually. */
+    if (self->connection->begin_statement && !sqlite3_stmt_readonly(self->statement->st) && !self->statement->is_ddl) {
+        if (sqlite3_get_autocommit(self->connection->db)) {
+            result = _pysqlite_connection_begin(self->connection);
+            if (!result) {
+                goto error;
+            }
+            Py_DECREF(result);

Is there any plan to cover DDL statements as well in a future Python version and deprecate the old behaviour? That would avoid having to insert BEGIN statements manually for getting transactional DDL statements, like in psycopg2 for PostgreSQL databases.
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