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Date 2020-01-22.11:56:40
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Thanks for the suggestions Terry, I didn't want to change any behavior or make any feature addition (except is_async as stated in issue description) in this PR. 

> The change is needed 2 other places.  Could be part of this PR or another one.

I have a friend who would like to make his first contribution, so if it is not going to be problem, he'll take care of class browser references.

> Possible API changes based on IDLE module browser experience

Yes, it would be way better use tree/node structre instead of returning raw dictionaries. I can draft something after PR 1803 is merged. 

I dont have much experience of IDLE's architecture, but I can try to help if you want on the 4th point. 

Another thing I was considering is deprecating `readmodule` function, as you stated it is now module browser not class browser and `readmodule_ex` is sufficient. I dont know if any core developer will sponsor this idea, but I think `readmodule` should die. Thanks again for the suggestions and PR reviews.
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