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Date 2020-01-11.04:27:38
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From 3/4 of the team that brought you BLAKE2, now comes... BLAKE3!

BLAKE3 is a brand new hashing function.  It's fast, it's paralellizeable, and unlike BLAKE2 there's only one variant.

I've experimented with it a little.  On my laptop (2018 Intel i7 64-bit), the portable implementation is kind of middle-of-the-pack, but with AVX2 enabled it's second only to the "Haswell" build of KangarooTwelve.  On a 32-bit ARMv7 machine the results are more impressive--the portable implementation is neck-and-neck with MD4, and with NEON enabled it's definitely the fastest hash function I tested.  These tests are all single-threaded and eliminate I/O overhead.

The above Github repo has a reference implementation in C which includes Intel and ARM SIMD drivers.  Unsurprisingly, the interface looks roughly the same as the BLAKE2 interface(s), so if you took the existing BLAKE2 module and s/blake2b/blake3/ you'd be nearly done.  Not quite as close as blake2b and blake2s though ;-)
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