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Date 2019-12-30.23:37:40
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Yes I'm happy to make those changes as part of this.

So clarify what needs to change in PR 16567:

1) Include a note in the docs for `inited` that outlines that if it is imported into the local scope, it will not be updated by calls to `init()`. Only `mimetypes.inited` will.

2) Add a clarification to the `add_type()` docs that changes made with `strict=True` means that they will persist after subsequent calls to `init()`.

3) Remove `_default_mime_types()` in favour of public global constants. The documentation currently refers to these globals as the "official MIME types". Should that wording change to use "default" instead of "official", or maybe should the names of the constants change to `OFFICIAL_SUFFIX_MAP` for example?
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