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Date 2019-12-24.18:17:28
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Yes Please!

I'd offer to help, but I really don't get the intricacies involved. I will offer to proofread and copy-edit though, if that's helpful.

And I note that coincidentally, just in the last week, I needed to make an absolute path from a Path, and it took me far too long to figure out that .resolve() would do it for me. Then I needed to do it again three days later, and it again took a while -- "resolve" is simply not mnemonic for me, and I'm guessing a lot of people have the same issue.

And I didn't find .absolute(), cause it's not documented. I see in issue #29688 that there are reasons for that, but I'll make a plea:

Please document .absolute(), even if those docs say something like "may not work in all circumstances, not well tested". Alternatively, if it's decided that folks should just use .resolve() in all cases anyway, then make .absolute() an alias for .resolve(). 

Or if that's not a good option, then at least put some prominent notes in resolve() so people will find it.

Also -- I needed to read the resolve() docs carefully (and then test) to see if it was what I wanted - which I know, is what this issue is about.

In short -- I understand that this is a complex issue, but making an absolute path is a pretty common use case, and we've had os.path.abspath() for decades, so there should be one obvious way to do it, and it should be easily discoverable.

NOTE: even if there is no one to do the work of properly testing .absolute() at this point, it would b nice to at least decide now what the long term goal is -- will there be an absolute() or is resolve() all we really need?
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