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Author eric.snow
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Date 2019-12-17.15:52:49
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On Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 8:08 PM Kyle Stanley <> wrote:
> Yeah, I named it "_PyInterpreterIsFinalizing" and it's within Include/cpython. Definitely open
> to suggestions on the name though, it's basically just a private getter for interp->finalizing.

For a struct-specific getter we usually end the prefix with an
underscore: _PyInterpreter_IsFinalizing.  Otherwise, that's the same
name I would have used. :)

> Oh, awesome! In that case, I'll do some more rigorous testing before opening the PR then;
> [snip]
> This might be a bit of a time consuming process, but I should have time in the next week
> or so to work on it.

No worries (or hurries).  Just request a review from me when you're
ready.  Thanks again for working on this!
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