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Date 2019-12-09.07:32:54
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I am not sure about the new name. "re" is an abbreviation, so if include it in the exception name it should be "RE". I am not sure what name is better: RECompileError, REParseError, RESyntaxError, REError, CompileError, ParseError, SyntaxError or Error.

json raises JSONDecodeError, ElementTree raises ParseError, other xml modules raise ExpatError, csv raises Error, configparser raises subclasses of Error.

Many modules (at least 18: aifc, binhex, concurrent.futures, configparser, copy, cvs, ftplib, locale, mailbox, shutil, sqlite, sunau,, uu, wave, webbrowser, xdrlib, xmlrpc.client) have an exception named just Error for module-specific errors.
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