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Author puetzk
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Date 2019-12-06.21:42:18
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Just to link the various pieces together: I think

is the place in distlib that's being breaking pip due to redefining distutils.util.get_platform() as the cross-compile target architecture  rather than the build architecture. doesn't show it as a documented public function, but the commit Ryan linked did introduce a new get_host_plaform() that matches the old behavior; if that became public and distlib used itinstead (conditional on the python version?) that would also be a way to fix the symptom Ryan noted (pip now choosing the wrong wheel to install).

I don't know how the pieces here fit together well enough to now which side should change.

@zooba: adding you to the Cc since it was your comments at that seem to have led to the decision to re-define get_platform, maybe you have some relevant context?
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