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When creating a package for PyPi, and naming an author, but not an author_email, you get a warning as follows:

warning: Check: missing meta-data: if 'author' supplied, 'author_email' must be supplied too

The specs ( ) do not enforce this behavior, so I'd like to change the wording from `must` to `should`.

This can be reproduced by creating a, providing `author`, but not `author_email`, and then calling `python check` or `python -m .`.

This issue was discussed at:

I ported a 16 year old package to Python 3, and tried to upload it to PyPi. I know the author name, but not his email address. Also, I think he does not like to get bothered with emails for a project he abandoned 16 years ago.

P.S.: I am working on a PR for this and update this issue accordingly.
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