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I presume there's also the option of setting up the environment (or however it's done now - I know the details changed as the feature was developed) so that the "base" python.exe pretends to be the venv one, exactly as the wrapper does.

However, that may well have other difficult-to-fix implications, not least that calling the base Python using an explicit full path should act like the base Python, and *not* like the venv one.

IMO, the key thing here is that either the various limitations/quirks of redirecting to the base Python should either be treated as bugs, or they should be documented (even if only in the form of explicitly saying not to rely on any specific behaviour - e.g. "running an unqualified python and expecting a PATH search to pick up the same executable as the parent shell would is not supported and may produce unexpected results").

Virtual environments are a key part of most Python development workflows, and virtualenv is in the process of switching to use the core venv module internally. When that happens, there will be a lot more visibility for unexpected behaviours like this one.
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