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Currently, iomenu.IOBinding.fixnewlines makes sure that when a non-empty non-Shell file is saved (and possibly run), it ends with at least 1 newline.  At one time, I believe, compile needed this, and it is still good practice.  (Git diffs note the absence of a final newline.)

I originally planned to incorporate possible newline addition into do_rstrip, in anticipation of calling do_rstrip on save, but I have changed my mind, at least for the present.  That code can stay where it is.  If someone explicitly runs Strip Trailing Whitespace, adding a newline would sometimes be desired, but would sometimes be unexpected and possibly a nuisance.  do_rstrip will ensure that non-Shell files end with at most 1 newline.

My revised intent is that once we strip on save, saved files should be  properly formatted for use or merging into a repository.
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