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Author lazka
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Date 2019-11-21.18:36:09
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> Was pathlib forgotten here? Pathlib.home() is documented to return
> the same as expanduser("~") but it still prefers HOME instead of
> Yes, it was forgotten (why doesn't it just use expanduser?). We
> should file a new bug for that.

I'll file one.

> > Note that this change has some effect on cygwin/mingw environments
> which all set HOME and now potentially lead to programs no longer
> being able to find their config files.
> Firstly these are not supported environments, so it's not "rushed"
> for us to not preemptively consider them (though we'll happily merge
> most PRs that fix them without impacting supported environments).

Yeah, you're right, sorry, my comment wasn't appropriate.

> And I thought the idea was that they'd use posixpath as os.path
> rather than ntpath? Cygwin in particular, which provides the full
> environment. MinGW is a bit lighter to be closer to normal Windows
> behaviour, which would suggest that using the Windows variables is
> preferable.

I meant executing Python scripts with official Python in bash on Windows which sets HOME. But I just checked with "git for Windows" and it sets HOME to USERPROFILE anyway, so that might only affect cygwin/msys2 which have their own user dir.
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