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Date 2019-11-21.10:26:32
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> I was assuming we'd only do this on Linux, since that's where the bug is... though now that you mention it the Windows behavior is probably wonky too.

Yeah, but I'm not confident that the bug is exclusive to Linux. From what I've seen, it's a fairly common trend for security vulnerabilities on Linux to also be applicable to Windows in some way, especially for similar low-level OS APIs. So unless we're confident that the issue is exclusive to Linux, I think it would be safer/better in the long term to apply the change platform independently.

In the short term, it will likely be a minor inconvenience and maintenance cost to users explicitly passing `reuse_address=True`. But, I think it's worthwhile in this particular case, especially since the majority of users don't seem to be doing that (based on my earlier search results).
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