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Date 2019-11-18.14:35:50
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The bpo-29137 removed the fpectl module. But two macros were kept in pyfpe.h:

/* These macros used to do something when Python was built with --with-fpectl,
 * but support for that was dropped in 3.7. We continue to define them though,
 * to avoid breaking API users.

#define PyFPE_START_PROTECT(err_string, leave_stmt)
#define PyFPE_END_PROTECT(v)

I propose to exclude them from the stable API. Maybe at least exclude them from the stable API >= 3.9?

commit 735ae8d139a673b30b321dc10acfd3d14f0d633b
Author: Nathaniel J. Smith <>
Date:   Fri Jan 5 23:15:34 2018 -0800

    bpo-29137: Remove fpectl module (#4789)
    This module has never been enabled by default, never worked correctly
    on x86-64, and caused ABI problems that caused C extension
    compatibility. See bpo-29137 for details/discussion.
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