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Date 2019-11-13.22:54:53
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> We can merge this PR as is (Benjamin, thanks for working on this!), but I think that as soon as we merge it we should do some refactoring and deprecations.

> The child watchers API has to go. It's confusing, painful to use, it's not compatible with third-party event loops. It increases the API surface without providing us with enough benefits.


> In 3.9 we will use kqueue / pidfd / threads / winapis -- whatever is available, but we never use SIGCHLD by default.

IIRC, we don't use SIGCHLD by default at the moment, since ThreadedChildWatcher is the default child watcher. Should we change the default to be the new PidfdChildWatcher for Linux kernels 5.3+ in Python 3.9, and fallback to ThreadedChildWatcher for systems without pidfd_open()?
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