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Hi Matthias,

thanks for your comment. I am not sure, if I understand correctly or if it is really the problem here. So, if you take a look at the patch, or at the current version of right now, there is s section:

AC_MSG_CHECKING([for the platform triplet based on compiler characteristics])

There is a handcrafted C Program (well, rather C-Preprocessor), which tries to guess, for what Platform the compiler is used for. The initial problem with my platform is this line:

# elif defined(__mips_hard_float)

The reason beeing, on mips soft float, __mips_hard_float is not defined. But the triplet should be mips-linux-gnu. Otherwise, the build will fail later down the road. 

One could add || defined (__mips_soft_float) to fix this issue. Indeed, that was my first patch. But I was not really satisfied. I think, using a custom C program for finding out the target triplet is generally not the right approach, because, you will always miss an architecture or fail to correctly guess the triplet (my guess). I think, it is much better, to rely on autotools for this. At the end of the day, autotools where made for that purpose, right? 
So I replaced the whole program with AC_CANONICAL_TARGET. It should always do the right thing *and* is Cross-Compiler aware. In the end, the triplet is mips-linux-gnu. It also removes lots of hard to maintain code (seems, like nobody really knows its internals?!). 

My trouble is, that I do not know, what other side effects this might have. On the latest release of yocto, my patch is used, and at least, I am not aware of any problems, but that does not mean, that there are none... 

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