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> Jupyter Console is, I read, QT based

Nope. It's shell based by default. You can open it also as a QT app, like IDLE, but by default `jupyter console` is via terminal.

> they must use "‘magic’ commands" entered after the '>>>' prompt 
> instead of code.  Guido specifically vetoed the idea

Indeed I'm against too, and I wrote it. And if you read my proposals, I do not suggest any magic word

> the answer to that proposal would be to use a PYTHONSTARTUP module 
> with code such as "import pprint as _; pprint = _.pprint"

I know this, but it should be the default behaviour, IMHO. I mean, you can invoke `help()` in REPL but also in a `.py`. It makes no sense, but you can do it and you have not to import a separate module before.

> The console feeds pasted lines *1 at a time* to interactive Python

This is fixed by many terminal editors, like `vi`, with bracketed paste mode, as I wrote.

> When REPL sends a prompt, everything up to and including a prompt is 
> somehow marked read-only.

A workaround could be simulate input by user. Ugly but effective.

> Syntax-coloring [...] requires full screen editing


> [Syntax-coloring] also needs to be configurable

This could be IMHO delayed, or not implemented at all. If you don't like the colors, you can always not use it :D It will suffice that the colors will be as much as possible readable also by the majority of color-blind person.
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