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> I think that I'm still not understanding something important though. Even if we initialize our ThreadPoolExecutor outside of __init__ (in a start() coroutine method, as your proposing), it seems like the threads will be spawned throughout the lifespan of the threadpool, rather than upon startup since the new threads are spawned in ThreadPoolExecutor *after* executor.submit() is called (up to max_workers) rather than upon initialization.


> So even if an instance of ThreadPoolExecututor is initialized asynchronously within a start() coroutine method, the individual threads within it won't be spawned at the same time.

Correct.  There are a few points of this approach:

(a) design the API correctly; 
(b) ship something that definitely works with a proven ThreadPoolExecutor; 
(c) write lots of tests;
(d) write docs;
(e) if (a-d) are OK, refine the implementation later by replacing ThreadPoolExecutor with a proper (eager threads creation) implementation.

> That's why I wrote an explicit way of spawning threads in the above example, based on the way that ThreadPoolExecutor spawns threads in _adjust_thread_count(), which is called at the end of submit().

Yeah. In your current approach you're using ThreadPoolExecutor private API, which makes the code a bit fragile.  There are two alternatives:

1. Extent ThreadPoolExecutor API to add an option of eager threads spawn.

2. Not using ThreadPoolExecutor at all. We can write our own threads orchestration code, it's not that complicated. If we do that, our implementation will become quite faster than the current run_in_executor.  We can use curio as inspiration.  Last time I profiled asyncio I saw that the code binding concurrent.Future to asyncio.Future is quite complex, brittle, and slow.

I'm in favor of (2), but let's go through (a-d) steps to get there.
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