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Date 2019-11-07.07:12:44
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Quick summary and opinions so far:
* Jump to top: general IDLE bug, fixed.

* Repeated quit message: never seen by me, likely IDLE bug.  I need to check code where message emitted.

* Arrow keys emit ? replacement char: never seen by me, likely tcl bug. IDLE only binds <Key-Up> and <Key-Down> for completion, font, and path/browser lists, but not editor.  So if bug happens in editor, as implied, IDLE likely not involved.

* SaveFile crash: never seen by me with this dialog that I remember, likely tcl or even macOS bug.  The dialog matches Safari SaveAs box with Python-specific formats.  It results from IDLE tkinter call, which calls tcl, which calls AppKit -- lines 41-40 in C call stack.  Line 35 is the only non-OS (tcl) call thereafter.
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