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On Tue, 5 Nov 2019 at 4:30 PM, Ned Deily <> wrote:

> Ned Deily <> added the comment:
> Can you explain how this would be rolled out?

This, as in? If you're referring to this specific change, I don't think
there's anything special needed for this change (it's backwards compatible
with past pip releases, but that doesn't matter).

ensurepip only installs the bundled wheel it already has, into the
environment. Thus, existing ensurepip releases won't be broken.

However, when we bump up to pip 19.3 [1], we'd need to be updating the
invocation since it's using a pip internal and pip's internals can change
without notice even in a patch version.

This change ensures that ensurepip is robust to changes in the location of
pip's main function, thus making those updates as simple as a bundled wheel

[1]: IIUC we try to keep CPython's bundled wheel in sync with latest)

Does this mean as of a planned release of pip the current ensurepip would
> break?

Yes. pip 19.3 made a change and as can be seen in the PR for that (sorry,
it's a GitHub PR and my internet is ridiculously slow right now).

  If so, when?

That's already been released. 🙃

Is 2.7 still supported with that version of pip and, if so, have you tested
> the PR with it?

Yes, pip will support 2.7 at least until CPython does (and likely longer).

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