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Date 2019-10-30.09:52:40
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Both the menu items and the short cuts for these two functions on the Format menu give these call errors.  They are only visible if IDLE is started from a console.

They work in 3.6; the regression is due to #36390.  These 2 functions were moved separately from the others in the 3rd PR, PR 14827, changeset 1b3892243433da7eae7f5f3a4f98f13d309c8926.  I found the mistake and believe I have one possible version of a working fix on a new branch.

The diff contains this comment:
  # With mixed indents not allowed, these are semi-useless and not unittested.
I was thinking that they should be removed, but regardless, they should have been manually tested.  However, in one test with 3.6, a mixed indent -- tab + 4 spaces following a 4 space tab -- did work, so I am not sure of the rule.  I will try to add a unittest along with the fix.
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