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Verified from Python.
>>> t = (1,2,3)
>>> t2 = t[:]
>>> id(t), id(t2)
(1672756229504, 1672756229504)

A partial slice cannot the original tuple, so I presume that the emphasis is about returning a (new) *tuple*, rather than some sort of view of the original.  However,
        return (PyObject *)a;
date back to at least 1997 (GvR), so the optimization is not new.  I don't know what should replace 'New reference.'  'Old or new reverence.'?

"Take a slice of the tuple pointed to by p from low to high and return it **as a new tuple**."

could be replaces with

"Return the slice of the tuple point to by p for low to high.  If it is a proper subslice, return a new tuple."

This leave it undefined when a complete slice.
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