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Author aeros
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Date 2019-10-25.12:27:24
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> I'm able to reproduce the issue locally using the command:
./python -m test test_asyncio --match=test.test_asyncio.test_subprocess.SubprocessMultiLoopWatcherTests.test_close_kill_running -v -F -j20 --timeout=30.0

I was unable to reproduce this locally on OS: Arch Linux 5.3.7 x86_64 and CPU: Intel i5-4460 from the latest commit (heads/master:96b06aefe2) within a reasonable number of tests (~10000). I also tried differing number of jobs, up to 100. What OS were you able to reproduce it locally on using that configuration?

This is of course still an issue since it's still occurring on multiple buildbots intermittently and Victor was able to reproduce it locally, but I was not able to do so on my local setup. This will be significantly harder to debug without a reliable means of reproducing the failure.
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