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Date 2019-10-24.14:34:07
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> Please revert.

Ok ok, I will revert my change, but only on sys.argv[0].

> A getcwd() call doesn't even have to succeed.  A single file python program should still be able to run in that environment rather than fail to start.

The current implementation leaves a path unchanged if it fails to make it absolute:


    wchar_t *abs_filename;
    if (_Py_abspath(config->run_filename, &abs_filename) < 0) {
        /* failed to get the absolute path of the command line filename:
           ignore the error, keep the relative path */
        return _PyStatus_OK();
    if (abs_filename == NULL) {
        return _PyStatus_NO_MEMORY();

    config->run_filename = abs_filename;


/* Get an absolute path.
   On error (ex: fail to get the current directory), return -1.
   On memory allocation failure, set *abspath_p to NULL and return 0.
   On success, return a newly allocated to *abspath_p to and return 0.
   The string must be freed by PyMem_RawFree(). */
int _Py_abspath(const wchar_t *path, wchar_t **abspath_p);
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