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Date 2019-10-24.10:38:17
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OMG parsing an URL is a can of worms... There are so many open issues related to URL parsing!

* bpo-18191: urllib.parse.splitport("::1")
* bpo-20271: urllib.parse.urlparse('http://[::1]spam:80')
* bpo-28841: urlparse.urlparse() parses invalid URI without generating an error (examples provided)
* bpo-33342: urlsplit("//user:[@host")
* bpo-34360: 'http://[::1]]'
* bpo-35377: urlparse doesn't validate the scheme
* bpo-35748: '\'
* bpo-36338 (this issue): urlparse('[]')
* bpo-37678: urlparse('http://user:pass#?[')


* bpo-3647: urlparse - relative url parsing and joins to be RFC3986 compliance
* bpo-16909: urlparse: add userinfo attribute
* bpo-18140: issue with 'http://auser:secr#et@'
* bpo-22234: urllib.parse.urlparse accepts any falsy value as an url
* bpo-22852: "urllib.parse wrongly strips empty #fragment, ?query, //netloc"
* bpo-23328: issue with "http://someuser:a/b@"
* bpo-23448: "urllib2 needs to remove scope from IPv6 address when creating Host header"
* bpo-23505: [CVE-2015-2104] Urlparse insufficient validation leads to open redirect

There are 124 open issues with "urllib" in their title and 12 open issues with "urlparse" in their title.
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