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Date 2019-10-24.08:20:16
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When building Python 3.7.2 using pyenv on MacOS, it will use `--with-openssl` to configure OpenSSL. With that option, the compiler options for OpenSSL will be passed via `OPENSSL_*` variables, rather than normal compiler flags (e.g. `OPENSSL_LDFLAGS` vs. `LDFLAGS`). When compiling an extension, these flags will not be propagated by `distutils`, and so an extension that depends on OpenSSL fails to compile.

I'm not sure what the expected behavior here is. Should the package handle this by querying `sysconfig` directly in ``? Or should this be handled automatically by `distutils`?

Specifically, I ran into this issue when trying to install `mysqlclient-python` (
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