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Author vstinner
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Date 2019-10-22.21:58:23
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It seems like MultiLoopChildWatcher doesn't respect the PEP 475: siginterrupt(False) must not be used. But the following change isn't enough to fix this issue (test_close_kill_running hang).

diff --git a/Lib/asyncio/ b/Lib/asyncio/
index d8f653045a..887f837bad 100644
--- a/Lib/asyncio/
+++ b/Lib/asyncio/
@@ -1192,9 +1192,6 @@ class MultiLoopChildWatcher(AbstractChildWatcher):
                                "restore to default handler on watcher close.")
                 self._saved_sighandler = signal.SIG_DFL
-            # Set SA_RESTART to limit EINTR occurrences.
-            signal.siginterrupt(signal.SIGCHLD, False)
     def _do_waitpid_all(self):
         for pid in list(self._callbacks):
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