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Author vstinner
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Date 2019-10-21.13:18:13
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> ... is not showing up when the test is re-run in verbose mode.

_force_run() logs require verbose >= 2. The test suite is run using:

'Tools\\buildbot\\test.bat' '-x64' '-j2' '-j4' '--timeout' '900'

which runs:

C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build>"C:\\3.x.kloth-win64\build\PCbuild\amd64\python_d.exe"  -u -Wd -E -bb -m test  -uall -rwW --slowest --timeout 1200 --fail-env-changed -j1 -j2 -j4 --timeout 900 

Using this command, I get: support.verbose=1 in the main regrtest process and in regrtest worker processes.

Maybe _force_run() should always log, or log "if verbose:" (remove ">= 2" restriction).
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