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Date 2019-10-20.13:16:19
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> Let me know if you are unable to reproduce it.

x64 pythonw.exe and pyw.exe (3.7.5, 2019-10-14) work for me in Windows 10.0.18362. I have them installed for all users, respectively in "C:\Program Files\Python37" and "C:\Windows". 

Try running `pythonw.exe -m idlelib` and `pythonw.exe -m turtle`. If nothing runs, try it with python.exe, just to make sure tcl/tk and IDLE are installed.

> How do I have multiple MINOR versions of python together? 
> e.g. 3.7.3, 3.7.4, 3.7.5?  Can they be placed in separate 
> folders?

The standard distribution supports one major-version installation for the system and another per user. You can use the nuget packages to test against multiple minor versions.

It seems that nuget packages can also be installed via PowerShell 6. However, the "Version" parameter of Visual Studio's Install-Package changes to "RequiredVersion" in PowerShell 6.
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