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Date 2019-10-20.04:31:42
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3.7.5.  Any py script that I run with python.exe or py.exe executes just fine.  But if I try to run any py script with pythonW.exe or pyW.exe it will not run.  

I don't know where the logging for the python executable is located.

On the same machine, java.exe and javaW.exe work properly. (jar file runs exactly the same with either executable.  Only the cmd/console window is suppressed with "w" exe.

I am trying to isolate whether or not python 3.7.5 is to blame or this new windows 10 x64 1809 LTSC machine is to blame.

I have tested in both python 3.7.5 x86 and x64 versions.  the "W" console version does not run any py scripts.

On my previous laptop (win 8.1 x64) and (win2012 r2 x64 server, no problems) with 3.7.4 32 bit.


How do I have multiple MINOR versions of python together?  e.g. 3.7.3, 3.7.4, 3.7.5?  Can they be placed in separate folders?
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