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Date 2019-10-11.01:30:05
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I am actively working on updates.  However, the work on Python 3.8's whatsnew and doc fixes are a more immediate priority.  Cumulatively, I've put an a lot of effort in to this and have made a continuous stream of improvements over the years including this year.  In a way, maintaining this entry is not much different from being a module maintainer who has the principal responsibility and authority over the updates.  This is something that I frequently teach and have battle tested course material that I'm looking forward to including in the entry.

Please give me space and don't shove. IMO some of the past posts on this subject are border-line abusive, leaving me feeling hounded and degraded (especially with respect to my writing style).  Please be kind and let me continue to improve my contribution at my own pace.  

Please don't re-open this issue. I have marked the patch as rejected because it is at odds with the improvements that I already have in progress and because some of it is essentially just a stylistic difference.
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