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Terry, the test_winconsoleio problem is issue 38325. Test cases with surrogate pairs that are known to fail in recent builds of Windows 10 have to be split out.

For the "ps_AF" locale failure that you noted, in my case with Windows 10 18362, I have to first modify the tests in Lib/test/ to set LC_CTYPE before setting LC_NUMERIC. Otherwise the lconv result in C has the wrong encoding, and PyUnicode_DecodeLocale fails. 

After making this change, I can reproduce the noted failure. The "ps_AF" (Pashto, Afghanistan) case will have to be skipped in Windows because the system NLS data does not agree with the assumed Arabic decimal and thousands separator, U+066B and U+066C, but instead uses "," and ".". This can be verified directly via WINAPI GetLocaleInfoEx:

    >>> n = kernel32.GetLocaleInfoEx('ps-AF', LOCALE_SSCRIPTS, buf, len(buf))
    >>> buf.value
    >>> n = kernel32.GetLocaleInfoEx('ps-AF', LOCALE_SDECIMAL, buf, len(buf))
    >>> buf.value
    >>> n = kernel32.GetLocaleInfoEx('ps-AF', LOCALE_STHOUSAND, buf, len(buf))
    >>> buf.value

In case this was a quirk in the NLS data for languages that use a Perso-Arabic script, such as Pashto, I also checked Saudi Arabia ("ar-SA"), which uses a standard Arabic script, but the result was the same.
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