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The rest of the overly long title was "The install shows that it only supports python 2.x but is listed under python 3.6+ docs."

The lines in question are from the 2nd to last example.

  # An imaginary module that would make this work and be safe.
  from imaginary import magic_html_parser

The comment plus the names 'imaginary' and 'magic_html_parser' should make it pretty clear that 'imaginary' is meant to be an imaginary, hypothetical module with an imaginary, hypothetical method, not an actual module named 'imaginary' with an actual 'magic_html_parser' method.

jackotonye, do you have a concrete suggestion?  I am tempted to close this, but will wait for suggestion and let the email people see this.

Also, when responding by email, please remove the quoted previous post and it is redundant on the web page.
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