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Date 2019-10-03.13:28:43
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This is a follow-up to #33261, which added general support for detecting generator / coroutine / async generator functions wrapped in partials. It appears that partialmethod objects were missed out.

While a partialmethod object will produce a functools.partial() object on binding to an instance, the .func attribute of that partial is a bound method, not a function, and the current _has_code_flag implementation unwraps methods *before* it unwraps partials.

Next, binding to a class produces a partialmethod._make_unbound_method.<locals>._method wrapper function. _unwrap_partial can't unwrap this, as it doesn't handle this case; it could look for the `_partialmethod` attribute and follow that to find the `.func` attribute.

Test case:

import inspect
import functools

class Foo:
    async def bar(self, a): return a
    ham = partialmethod(bar, "spam")

print(inspect.iscoroutinefunction(  # True
print(inspect.iscoroutinefunction(Foo.ham)  # False
instance = Foo()
print(inspect.iscoroutinefunction(  # True
print(inspect.iscoroutinefunction(instance.ham)  # False
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