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> Just an FYI that this change is generating warnings on my Windows 10 buildbot with some regularity about a failure to parse testperf output, such as:

Warning -- Failed to parse typeperf output: '"10/01/2019 07:58:50.056"'

Aha, interesting. I added a warning to debug the code.

> Now, clearly there's no queue length in that output so the parsing warning is accurate, but does the overall build have to reflect a warning in such cases, given that it's just a test harness issue, and not anything going wrong with the actual tests?

The build is marked as "warning" (orange) which is different than "fail" (red). Warnings are used to detect bugs or interesting issues, but not considered as a regression.

> I don't know why both fields aren't present although it seems plausible that it's just a partial line from the I/O (I don't think it guarantees it receives full lines), and the queue length field would appear on the following read.

Right, the code doesn't ensure that a line ends with a newline character. Could you try to run manually the following command to check its output?

   typeperf "\System\Processor Queue Length" -si 1

Maybe uncomplete lines should be buffered in read_output().
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