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Date 2019-09-30.16:22:22
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> Would the attached rough patch (gc_disable_wr_callback.txt)
> be a possible fix?  When we find W inside handle_weakrefs(),
> we mark it as trash and will not execute the callback.

It's semantically correct since we never wanted to execute a callback from a trash weakref to begin with.  The nature of the error violated that intent:  the callback from a trash weakref occurs outside gcmodule, where it has no idea that the weakref is trash.  After your patch, it would know.

How effective is it?  Well, failure modes "like this" ;-)

If a callback function is trash, delete_garbage will eventually clear it.  But if the function is trash the weakref containing it must also be trash (if it weren't trash, neither would be the reachable-from-it callback function).  Then since the containing weakref is trash, your patch will find it and prevent the callback.

So this "should" fix the original problem, even if tp_clear were restored for function objects (which it probably should be).
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