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* appx tests are not run on buildbots
* appx tests are not run in pre-commit CI of pull requests
* appx tests seem to only be run on Azure Pipelines of the branches (like 3.8 and master)
* the fixed bug likely existed since Python 3.6:

static int
gotlandmark(const wchar_t *landmark)
    Py_ssize_t n = wcsnlen_s(prefix, MAXPATHLEN);
    join(prefix, landmark);
    prefix[n] = '\0';

with join which uses _PathCchCombineEx() or PathCombineW()

... No idea why the bug decided to show up today, 3.8.0rc1 release day.

Anyway, the Azure Pipelines CI is back to green on the 3.8 branch.
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