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> Someone should look at how to do similar in 2.7 _if_ the project(s) that complained about the problem rely on such behavior in their last 2.7 compatible releases.

Looking at the history, it seems that only two projects were mentioned, CherryPy and urllib3. For CherryPy, a workaround is in place such that the 2.7 maintenance branch does not encounter this issue (the offending test was removed), and the master branch only supports Python 3. Similarly, urllib3 has a workaround that bypasses transmission of these bytes entirely. Therefore, the urgency is reduced.

I do feel a little uneasy recommending not to backport the bugfix to the versions where the change was introduced, as it leaves an opportunity for another project to encounter. I'll go ahead and prep a backport for Python 3.5 and 2.7, with the understanding that the 2.7 change may be rejected or deferred until requested.
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