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Date 2019-09-27.20:08:19
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> I haven't been able to verify that the last patches are sufficient to prevent Python from segfaulting. We need to wait until rc1 is out. I need a proper release or RPM build to run the tests on our internal test infrastructure.

I pushed two fixes in the 3.8 branch for FreeIPA:

* I removed func_clear() which triggered the bug
* I fixed a reference cycle... in the weakref module :-)

As Pablo wrote, this issue is still open since the real deepest root issue is not fixed yet.

I was busy with random other stuff last weeks, so I didn't find time to dig into this issue again.

IMHO fixing the root issue can wait for Python 3.9 (and Python 3.8.1).

FreeIPA should now work fine on the current Python 3.8 branch.
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