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According to bpo-35089 (and the GitHub issues linked there), the and modules should no longer be used. Starting with Python 3.6, the typing documentation no longer mentions the and modules, and instead documents their contents as part of the main typing module.

However, the typing module at runtime still supports and as before. Since these modules are not meant to be used anymore and are no longer documented, I would expect at least a DeprecationWarning when using them at runtime.

The documentation on this could also be a bit clearer. As long as the modules are still supported at runtime, I would expect the documentation to mention that they still exist, but shouldn't be used anymore. In its current state, the documentation is confusing when coming from Python 3.5 (where and were the only documented way to access IO, Pattern, etc., but accessing typing.IO and typing.Pattern directly also works at runtime).
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