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Date 2019-09-20.08:29:16
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> labeling long-stable code as "evil".

Let me apologize about this bit -- I was thinking of the term in quotes (referring to the earlier comment), but I didn't write it clearly that way.  I don't think any of this code is evil, past or present, and I regret that I carelessly gave that impression.

I think there isn't currently any problem to be solved here, and I hope we can all put our energy elsewhere.  (For my part, I just spent the balance of the evening implementing an old feature request on unicodedata.)

Victor, I'd still be quite interested in better understanding your thinking (as this example relates to macros in general) if you'd like to reply, though this thread may not be the right place to continue.  You can find my email in Git, and I'm on Zulip and Discourse; and I'd be happy to start or follow a thread in a forum you think appropriate.  Or if you'd rather drop it entirely, that's fine too.
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