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Date 2019-09-17.22:26:14
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Sadly, GH-15710 was merged without mentioning the bpo-37812 (this issue) in the final commit message :-(

commit 6b519985d23bd0f0bd072b5d5d5f2c60a81a19f2
Author: animalize <>
Date:   Fri Sep 6 14:00:56 2019 +0800

    replace inline function `is_small_int` with a macro version (GH-15710)

This second change introduced a regression: bpo-38205 "Python no longer compiles without small integer singletons".

I don't understand the whole issue. A first change converted a macro to a static inline function. The second change converted the static inline fnuction to a macro... but the overall change introduced a regression. Why not reverting the first change instead of pushing a new change?

Morever, if using a static inline function is causing issues, it would be nice to add a comment to explain why, so the issue will be avoided in the future.
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