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> command timed out: 1200 seconds without output running ['make', 'buildbottest', 'TESTOPTS=-j2 -j4 ${BUILDBOT_TESTOPTS}', 'TESTPYTHONOPTS=', 'TESTTIMEOUT=900'], attempting to kill

faulthandler is supposed to display the traceback where the test hangs, but for the main process, libregrtest uses a delay of timeout x 2 seconds:

            self.worker_timeout = self.ns.timeout * 1.5
            self.main_timeout = self.ns.timeout * 2.0

Here timeout=900 ("TESTTIMEOUT=900"), so main_timeout = 1800 seconds (30 minutes), whereas buildbot timeout is 1200 seconds (20 minutes) :-(

In fact, main_timeout can be *way* shorter: the main process calls faulthandler.dump_traceback_later(self.main_timeout, exit=True) every max(PROGRESS_UPDATE, PROGRESS_MIN_TIME) seconds (or more often): every 30 seconds (of more often).

So main_process could be max(PROGRESS_UPDATE, PROGRESS_MIN_TIME) x 2 = 1 minute, instead of 30 minutes.
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