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Date 2019-09-16.10:16:14
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This is related to issue 37400 and issue 27838 in that specific invocations of the buildbot service (like via sudo) cause the environment to be setup differently.

In this case, I had just started the buildbot worker via sudo prior to the build starting and failing.

In the #37400 and #27838 cases (see msg295486), sudo was also used, where HOME ends up being /root, which is not writeable by the user the worker is run under (buildbot).

The test should either mock, or should write to a known temp directory (possibly one it creates), either in the build dir, or /tmp or similar, though I'd lean towards keeping all test writes within the scope of the temporary build location

I can either

1) if the issue cannot be resolved in short order, restart the worker now to clear the problem, until this issue has a changeset against it to resolve it

2) if it can be resolved in short order, leave the worker in this state until fixed
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